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Their lives are never a game

Despite The Game

Never A Game
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A Highlander-based immortal RP community
For millenia they've walked the earth, and none knows how many of their own kind there are. Immortals.

Coming from where, no-one knows, and living lives that have them constantly wary, on alert to protect their lives from the one thing that can kill them and their greatest threat, the blade of another removing their head.

Their universe exists within the everyday world of mortals, but they tell none.

Welcome to The Game.

Not even those who have taken it upon themselves to ‘watch’ can say for certain how many there are, nor where or when ‘The Game’ came into existence. But they watch on, recording, observing, and not interfering.

Or do they?


This is an RP community based on the universe established in Highlander movie (the first one only) and both television series. Interested players are welcome to read the Rules and apply for pups that are available. Your application is indication that you have read and accept the Rules of the community as outlined here and any updates that are made and notified to the players through the OOC Community.

A fictional city, Bremerston, has been created and a description of it is available here - it’s where a few immortals have homes and where some of the major play/plotlines will be centred. This does not mean your character must live there, or must have a home there, or must even go there, it’s just a fictional city for the purposes of this RPG.

Helpful Links
To contact the mods. or use the email link above.
OOC Community - never_a_gameooc
Taken and on hold characters
Fandom Fundamentals


The Highlander universe was not created by anyone associated with the RPG, and no money is being made. The TV series is the property of Panzer Davis and shall remain so always. All content herein is purely the creative works of the players participating. No money is made, and no liability for content posted accepted by the moderators.